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SMG Lan is Saturday 31st October 2020 (*R18)
Smeg - 10:00 - 31 Oct

Register now for SMG LAN! 31st October 2020
Make sure you register for the tournaments to
SMG Fun Gaming Event!
31st October Saturday 10:00am - 1st November Sunday 3pm
You can set up Friday arvo but were out at 9pm

18 Years or older, unless a parent or legal guardian is playing with you.
The official event will be starting about 10:00am Saturday and Finishing Sunday 3pm.

What you need to Do!
Let me know what games you want to play ASAP!
Check the games and schedule regularly.
Register on the SMG Lan Website
Register/Join each tournament (Hope to have them all listed soon)
Install and update your games before the event
Install update Teamspeak (TS) before the the event!
We run a onsite TS server to keep internet traffic for gaming only

To see all Schedules games
Click here. The schedule will change before the event so keep an eye on it please.

No Cheat’s or using bugs in a game to your advantage.
No abusive language or typed messages.
No rage quitting or team killing.
Big thanks to the people who Help run servers and tournaments!
If you wish to play a game let me know what it is how many people are keen and how server set up will be!

Join the server and Go spectator
Two team leaders will be appointed and they will pick a player each until teams are full (5 v 5) (be on Discord/TS to be selected for teams)

Keep yourself up to date by checking the website.

To receive an invite login to your profile and select attending!
Invites will be emailed out and we will let everyone know when they have gone out.
Make sure you and your friends have the same group selected.
You must be in a group If you dont have one put yourself as [SMG]friend
* 18 years or older, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. *

What is SMG Lan
Smeg - 12:16 - 06 Jan
SMG Lan is a group of communities and friends who get together a couple times a year for a rollercoaster ride of gaming and socializing.
What Makes SMG Lan Different
SMG Lan focus is on the social aspect of gaming. Competitive but fun competitions!
Social events run alongside the Lan like Go Kart Raccing, shooting at the Hand Gun Club or Paint ball session and the all important BBQ's are a major part of the Lan.

Unrestricted Gig port for each client with 10gig fibre back to the core (no lag no restrictions on traffic)
Internet email, mesenger and some games that require internet can be played online.
This is a R18 and Invite only event. Register for a invite.
Make sure your mates are paid !

--- Important things you need to do before The Lan --
Make sure your Games are up to date the day before the Lan please!
PC, LCD (NO CRT's), mouse, keyboard, headphones, power cables, power multi box and Sleeping bag and Mat/stretcher.
GOOD Network cable (15 meters from the end of the tables to the switch in the middle. (check your seating on map)
ONLY YOUR PC IS TO PLUG INTO THE NETWORK!. Ask Smeg or Brave Warrior to plug anything else in!
Register for the games ASAP so we know numbers
No Downloading on line Turn off your online file sharing app's.

File downloads
Apex DC++ Click here.

COD2 Click here.

FarCry2 Click here.

Split Second Click here.

Team Speak Click here.


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DC++ Hub (DC++ for files)
SMG Lan Gun Game
Unreal Tournament 4 (2019)
Unreal Tournament 4 (2019)
Unreal Tournament 4 (2019)
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important info
RSVP in your profile to receive an official invite.

Only 40 seats
1st to pay, 1st to play!!!

Get your payments in quick or miss out.
$30 Donation per person before the event
No payments on the Day.

*All payments are non refundable.
** Seating is assigned by an admin after your donation has cleared.

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