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Rayniverse: I play a little Fortnite I could be keen. SHit I'm keen for any games!
Smeg: whos playing fortnite itslike pubg but you can build shit to. I reconwe should play some Fear that was always lots of fun to
Rincey: 40% off for the next 3 days (until 22/5). Looks interesting. But we already have armagetron and that's free :)
Simxrnator: Yo Check out Laser League!
Rincey: Rudi: I bet when you see all us cool kids playing it, you'll want in :)
brnn8r: I'm just gonna leech from iammortos
iammortos: Cool, looks like three of us so far coming along again - will start hashing tonight haha
Smeg: Hey iammortos Yeah peeps share your shit this time :) Get thos DC clients set up befoer you arive please :)
Rurd2di: I'm not paying for another bloody golf game Rincey. Fuck that
iammortos: Also how active will DC++ be this time around? Last time there wasnt much available :(

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