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    11 People have signed up for SMG Lan Saturday 31st October 2020.
    2 People have paid & there are 98 of 100 seats available.

    NOTE: To receive an official invite you must RSVP. We will announce on the front page when invites are sent out!

      How To RSVP:
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Group Username Invited Paid Seat
[SMG] Blitz
[SMG] reepr
[SMG] Rurd2di
[SMG] Smeg Yes Yes
᠌ⓦ Soulrolll
otH. BraveWarrior Yes Yes
SMG fanboi Oggie
TCOSY Osiris
TCOSY SkallyWagg
TCOSY spikey53
TCOSY will2k_nz

important info
RSVP in your profile to receive an official invite.

Only 40 seats
1st to pay, 1st to play!!!

Get your payments in quick or miss out.
$30 Donation per person before the event
No payments on the Day.

*All payments are non refundable.
** Seating is assigned by an admin after your donation has cleared.

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