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will2k_nz: Looking forwards to the Lan!! See you all tomorrow
Smeg: We going to look at Halo infinite to its free on steam Download it tonight guys
BraveWarrior: Sweetbix!
Smeg: Ok venue is pretty well set up now If you want to come set up today your welcome but everyone is off the network by 9-10ish so we can game all night Saturday!
Smeg: defo looking at COD2 and 4 games what other games should we add
SEEN88: MW2?
spikey53: Well that sux was looking forward to coming but due to an medical event that's just recently happened means I am now unable to attend :( Have fun lads
Smeg: Aethor has been busy helping me with the web server. thanks mate! We have a ssl cert on it now and t's on new hardware :) email me if you need your passwords changed :)
Smeg: Ok what games do peeps want to play?
BraveWarrior: !

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